about game

In the distant future, most of the humanity lives in the Orbital State, while the Earth, destroyed by the Last War, has become a large ghetto for washouts and criminals who escaped justice. Two friends win a tender for the disposal of combat robots, but decide to earn twice and turn the destruction of robots into an attraction.

The essence of the entertainment is simple: the human consciousness moves into the body of the robot, which can freely move around the fenced area and fight with pre-programmed robots. The main weapon is laser blades, capable of stabbing and cutting the enemy into pieces. However, at the first test run Rufus’s consciousness does not return to the biological body, and communication with the orbit is interrupted.

To return home, Rufus will have to explore the unknown world and understand its laws, learn to get along with the locals, survive in gladiatorial battles of robots, arrange a showdown with local gangs, and find out that ARGUS INC actually hired him for completely different purposes and get to know the mysterious Cleo, who will change his life forever.

In the game, you will find an unprecedented level of for indie content quality, namely: 3D models of high detail, intriguing plot, soundtrack of more than 20 tracks, parkour and combat system with mocap animations, unique design of locations.

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